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M-cuBed!! Collection!!

Planet Lunchbox’s 1st featured artist M-cuBed

Collection of 5 beautiful artworks exclusively here, on quality canvas, pre stretched and ready for display



Pre stretched canvas in an assortment of sizes(inches)

image may very slightly depending on size

please allow few weeks for shipping
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  • Shirts for all ages

  • HOODIES!!!

    soft warm hoodie with little secret pocket

  • Stickers!!!!

    HIGH QUALITY ALL WEATHER STICKERS!! Bright, BOLD, High Concentrated Colors. Perfect for any surface indoor or out. Slap it anywhere

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  • Box Head Beanies

    keep your brain box warm with this planet lunchbox beanie

  • Limited Edition Skateboard Decks

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  • Muti-Planet Travel bags

    2 zipper pockets perfect for books, art supplies, IPads, and more. Drink sleeve and pen sleeves. Everything you want to keep close in your travels of the universe

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  • Maryland Art and Apparel

    shirts - Art- A Skateboard Deck

    And more to come.

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How it started

what is a lunchbox?

A lunchbox is many things to many people. For some it’s just a place to store food. Others it’s a nickname to someone who is laughing uncontrollably, To me? Well it’s a reminder of friendships made, memories shared, and most of all it somes up the nastalgic Art of wonder through the timeline of my life.

What? Where? How?

Planet Lunchbox has been a dream of mine for over 2 decades. From doodling on class work to professionally tattooing for 15 years. I always had Lbx in the background. The idea has taken many forms over the years.
After I decided to put tattooing on pause, to spend time with my son and family. I figured what better time to show this Universe a little planet that’s been revolving in the back of my mind for so long. I hope you all enjoy and Thank You!


This spaceship is manned by one pilot. So please allow at least 1-2 weeks before products to ship out. Thank you for your support.